Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #29!


The Snatchabook, by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty.

The end of September is very nearly upon us (how did that happen?), and our penultimate picture book of September is about…stealing stories!

Which sounds horrific for all of five seconds, until you note the little “Snatchabook” on the cover and realise that it’s absolutely impossible to get upset by that face. Even if he is trying to steal all the books in town.

Yeah. It’s that cute.

And rest assured, the Snatchabook has a very good reason for being so naughty — he steals books because he has no one to read to him!

(A lack of books can lead to a life of crime, kids. Consider yourselves warned.)

The solution to this problem, at least, is rather obvious. And just as darling. (And also some of the best child-rearing advice I’ve ever seen: If a sproglet is misbehaving, just read to them already. Seriously.)

And there’s not a single false step in this book that I can see. The art is almost-painfully cute. The message is fantastic. The rhyming prose flows wonderfully.

It’s a book about stealing books, and it’s still damn near perfect.


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