Love. Just love. (Translation: DOMA is done!)

DOMA is done.

Everyone, go love each other. And show everyone your love, because you can.

That’s the only thing that matters right now.

It doesn’t matter what your personal orientation or beliefs are. It doesn’t matter how much further we still have to go. It doesn’t matter whether or not you, personally, are or will be married.

What matters is love, and the fact that love is a goddamn given human right, and one that more people, finally, are being allowed.

That’s all. ♥
PS: To everyone who’s been horrified at this turn of events? Calm down. I promise you, love is not going to destroy this nation.

If America survived the Seventies, it’ll survive just fine without DOMA, too.


Help get the It Gets Better book in schools and libraries across America!

You can’t always change the world.

You can’t open the eyes and heart of every bigot out there. You can’t make every LGBTQ kid feel loved and accepted and wanted and safe. You can’t see to it that every LGBTQ kid, all the world over, will be free to grow up and legally marry whoever the hell they fancy.

There’s no sparkly, proverbial magic wand that you can wave.

But sometimes, all you need to spark some magic, to spark some change, is a single book.

And to that end, the It Gets Better Project has come up with a fantastic idea:

Donate $25, and they send a copy of the It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living book to a school library of your choosing. (Or they can select a school for you, if you prefer!)

You can’t go out there and hug every one of these kids. You can’t look every one of them in the eye and tell them that you are proud to be looking them in the eye, that you are proud of them, that they deserve to be truly seen and wanted for who they are.

But you can tell them it gets better. You can show them that people out there do care.

And you can give them the kind of validation that only comes from picking a book up off the shelf and suddenly realising This book is relevant to me; this book is mine; I am holding my own life inside these pages because someone thought it important enough to write down.

You can give them hope in a tangible form. You can give them something to literally hold onto.

It’s only $25. It’s ‘only’ a book.

But the right book, in the right hands, really is maybe the closest thing to magic that this world has.

It does get better, and this is a damn good start.


Dexter’s Law: Animal abuser registry bill on the table in Florida.

Dear Florida:


Also, there are not enough FUCK YESes in the world.

Animal abuser registry bill on the table in Florida

This, otherwise known as Dexter’s Law for the tiny black and white kitten beaten with a baseball bat by a woman and her two children to the point of having to be euthanised, really cannot happen soon enough. It should have happened a ridiculously long time ago, and there should never ever be another Dexter and never should have been in the first place.

But the most important thing is that it does happen, and spreads, and becomes commonplace all around the country and hopefully all around the world.

If Dexter’s story (and the thousands more like it) don’t break your damn heart enough as it is, well, use common sense. Would you be comfortable knowing that the sort of people who can bludgeon small defenseless creatures with baseball bats could be living right next door, with you and your family completely unawares?

That is what this bill, and others like it, can help prevent. (I myself once used to live next door to two charming gentlemen who went by the names of ‘Big Bub’ and ‘Lil Bub’ and apparently had quite the fondness for killing neighbourhood cats. Sadly, I am not making this up, and would have sorely loved a law like this then.)

So raise your voice. Take thirty seconds and make yourself heard — because they can’t.


Congratulations and compassion.

I am not the first to say it, and I will be far from the last:

Congratulations are in order for Egypt today.

It can’t be said enough.

It can’t be said enough, because words are what got this going. It was words, communication, and the refusal to be stifled that helped set an entire country free.

That’s something we need to remember. The power of words, the power of people, that innate ownership of dignity and rights.

I’m not saying anything new, here, but that’s okay. It’s a mantra we keep in the back of our heads, like humanity’s most basic prayer, but words can lose their power if they’re not shared.

And so Egypt is learning to be loud, and the world is listening. The world is talking.

This is a fucking amazing thing.

And it serves as a reminder for something just as basic and true:

We have a responsibility to raise our voices for those who cannot do so for themselves. Repressed peoples, children, animals — all living creatures deserve to be treated as such.

Which brings me to my second point:

It’s not just the people who are suffering.

When humans wage revolts and wars, animals generally end up on the sidelines. Their masters may now be free, but that doesn’t mean anything to them — their own needs are even simpler.

Food. Water. Shelter. Love.

And these are all things we can help to give to them.

There’s no better way to celebrate rights and freedom than compassion, if you ask me.