Nook Second Edition: The new baby of the e-reading world?

Disclaimer: This is not a proper, full-fledged review of the device. I still have yet to actually see it, to hold it in my hands, to play around with it and explore how much better the technology has gotten. This is also not my attempt to speak on behalf of Barnes & Noble, or predict how well this will sell, or what its potential business ramifications will be. We’ll see all of that in good time, I’m sure; and besides, anyone else’s guess is probably as good as mine. :)


Who can resist that cute little interface?


I’m just going to be perfectly honest, here.

My immediate, gut reaction to the Nook Second Edition was not as a reader, or as a consumer, or as a person working within the book industry, or even as someone who is looking to go into the indie book industry and so needs to stay cognizant of the e-reader field.

No. My immediate gut reaction was as someone who really really likes tiny cute things.

Aesthetics have always been a huge part of the overall “book experience”, for me. If a book is well-designed, I am naturally more inclined to enjoy reading it — because even if the writing itself leaves a bit to be desired, I’m still happy to admire a typesetting, or a cleverly-done page layout, or a prettily-elegant cover.

Ergo, if I am going to be reading on an e-reader and so losing that part of the book experience, of course I am going to be attracted to the reader that comes the closest to mimicking it. And with books as well as e-readers, I appreciate sleekness. I like stark lines and sleek curves, I like blacks and whites and the silhouettes of words that find beauty in and of themselves.

I don’t really have a need for flashy-looking things or buttons everywhere; I prefer book and e-reader designs that complement rather than compete. (Though if all of the flashing is what gets someone else reading — well, then, who am I to complain?)

So for me, personally, based on what I’ve seen thus far? I like it. I like it a lot.

Will I get one? That, we’ll have to wait a bit and see; and anyway my thoughts on buying an e-reader are an entire post unto themselves!

But I like it, and it’s got me excited.

And if your reading makes you happy and excited, then I’d say it’s on the right track.