Come out of your fairy bower, come upon this golden hour…

Most things from childhood, I think, will eventually lose their magic. Dollies fall out of favour as best friends, stuffed animals slowly get shoved out of the bed, closets become nothing more than a place for clothes and shoes.

And sometimes, I think, once those things from childhood get put away for the first time, we don’t want to go back to them, because we know the magic is gone and we’ve nothing left but the memories. The memories, that we’re trying not to sully or discolour as we inevitably paint them over with adulthood.

But sometimes, the magic stays. Sometimes you go back, years and years later, and it is still there, every bit as you remembered.

Such was the case for me tonight.

When I was very small, one of my favourite things in the entire world (and quite possibly one of the most formative things in my entire life) was the film Fairy Tale: A True Story, about the case of the Cottingley fairies.

I wrapped myself in it. I remember having the novelisation, and using it to memorise the chant to call the fairies. (Come out of your fairy bower, come upon this golden hour…) My own little cousin and I used to play-pretend that she was Frances, and that I was Elsie. And I never forgot what an impact it made on me.

All the same, though, I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually seen the movie, despite thinking about it a lot, lately, on the heels of a very related decision:

I want to, officially, start studying to become a folklorist.

The idea had been at the back of my mind for years and years now; folklore has always fascinated me, and I think part of me just took it as a given that one day, this is what I would do. I was just…waiting for that day to come.

But days are what you make them, I suppose, and so I am going to take up folklore studies now, starting with fairy-lore. And I decided that, to sort of symbolically seal the deal with myself, I wanted to find a copy of Fairy Tale and finally watch it again.

Cue me suddenly finding it tonight, in the very store that I work in. (How I never noticed it there before, I will never know.)

Needless to say, I purchased it as soon as I could, and watched it almost as soon as I got back home.

And all I’ve to say now is this:

If you’ve never seen it before, watch it. (A digital copy is even available from Amazon!) If you have seen it before, watch it again.

I’m still too smitten to make a coherent attempt at convincing you that it is every bit as magical as you yourself might remember, or every bit as magical as you might hope for if you’ve never seen it at all…but I suppose that my incoherency makes a statement all its own.

Just watch. ♥