Six Sentence Sunday: Meet Alex.

We’ve reached week three in my little experiment of attempting to capture character essences in six-sentence snippets!

Thus far, you’ve been introduced to Kye and Marin.

This week, it’s Alex’s turn. :)

Alex did not much like descriptors for herself, already having to deal with more than enough of them in her writing life as it was, and anyway vastly preferring to simply pass them out to other people, places, and things.

But still, one childhood nickname had managed to stick, one thing that her friends had crowned her with, back in the Before.

They said she was their Eve.

Partly it was for her middle name (Alexandra Evelyn, she was), but mostly it was for the fact that among them, she was first. She did not so much make new worlds as found herself stumbling into them, and then fleshed them out with words so that they too could explore.

And so she became their cartographer, offering them universes in curls of paper, with circumferences no wider than an apple’s breadth.


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