Six Sentence Sunday: Meet Gabbie.

And now for week four of my six-sentence character study snippets!

To recap, thus far you’ve met Kye, Marin, and Alex.

Now, Gabbie!

Gabriella was a violent thing.

Not violent in the sense of some weapon-wielding miscreant, but more in the way of some shockingly vibrant colour, something almost too bright to even exist. Or like a wildfire, perhaps, or the supernova of a dying star — with the dark coronas ’round her large green eyes and a second set of dark circles smeared beneath her lashes, like smoke ringing in an all-consuming blaze or a black hole trapping all colour within itself.

But below all of this, she was deceptively small; a pixie (his), he joked. She stretched herself as much as her stature would allow, and then some, as if to compensate; bits of bone almost seeming to poke through her skin, makeshift tentpoles in some last ditch effort to tether her body to the earth.

And she glared upwards, as if daring the sun to take her eyes.


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