Jacey’s Epic Love of Picture Books: #15!


What Does the Fox Say?, by Ylvis.

Ah, the eternal question.

Yep, that question.

Now conveniently in picture book form, because apparently you are never too young to ponder it!

So what, exactly, does the fox say?

Seriously. If you didn’t know, the Internet sensation of a bunch of overtly-enthusiastic Norwegian men dancing in the woods while wearing fox suits is now a kids’ book. Because let’s be honest: If five-year-olds can have iPhones, why the hell not just give them a book about an Internet meme too?

(In all fairness, the vast majority of people I have seen squeal over this book have been adults rather than children, but such is often the case with some of the best books, I find.)

The text simply consists of the lyrics to the song (complete with all the strange potential fox-sounds), and the art…much like the video, looks like an exceptionally vivid acid trip. That’s really the only way I can think to describe it.

In short, it’s exactly what you would expect it to be.

And it’s a beautiful thing.


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